Looking for 1/35 Scimitar tracks

Hey all, over on the old forums I started building my AFV club Scimitar but it came without tracks. But @petbat Peter sent me a set of the Rubber band tracks. Sadly its been over a year and they havent arrived.
So does anyone have a set of AFV club Scimitar rubber band tracks they could part with? If anyone does Im willing to pay for them.
Thanks guys.

If the AFV Club Scorpion tracks will work, I have a set I wont be using and you’re welcome to them. Let me know.


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That would be perfect thanks!

Bummer Ezra. I was worried about the Covid mail delivery from Australia. Unfortunately, that was the only set I have.

Colin, the hulls are exactly the same on the two kits, so if you can help Ezra out, that would be appreciated.

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Cheers petbat. I’m sending him a set this the weekend.
Glad to help. And yes the mail’s been odd - brilliant or horrid with little in between. But if that’s the worst we have to deal with, life’s pretty good.


Too true Colin…

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I have a set but they shrank so had to get see my of fruit ones

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I used Friuls for mine. Too difficult getting the correct sag on the rubber bands. There are now individual link styrene sets but I’ve not tried them, although I did read that they don’t fit together that well. Unfortunately that’s the only report I’ve had so no way of knowing how representative it is or if ‘user error’ is the culprit.