Looking For 1/48 RAF Hellcat Mk I Decals

I have the Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-3 kit (the Essex one), but I want to do an RAF version. I have done a bit of searching, but the very few sets of RAF decals are in a faraway land, and I’d much rather get them domestically (USA).
Does anybody have a lead on where I can find what I am looking for? I am not looking for a specific aircraft set of markings, just for any RAF Hellcat Mk I.

I have these from the old Otaki F6f kit. If you want I’ll mail them to you.
There a smidgen yellow but they still look pretty good.
The color scheme for these makings.

(sorry the markings sheet looks kinda bad, I got rid of mine a while ago and had to find this of the internet.)

That would be great! I’ll send a PM.

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