Looking for 3D Design and Printing Ideas (Part 2)

And now I have an M203A1. Shown is the 12 inch version. A 9 inch and the variant with the quick detatch mount will be coming soon along with the rounds. I’m not sure how well the trigger guard will print but I can safely assume not well. I’ll have to thicken it but I will try to print it as-is.

A picture would help:


A new print being prepared. This includes both the M4 Carbine, Mk 18 Mod 0, and Mk 18 Mod 1 but only contains a small number of the total possible combinations I can make with all of the parts I’ve made for this project. There’s 20 models in this picture and all of them different.


Here’s the finished print from last night. Unfortunately a little less than half of these didn’t survive the support removal process. My exposure time was 0.1 second too short and I left them in the cleaning water for too long which softened them to the point that they were difficult to work with. But the majority that did survive intact came out very well! I apologize for my poor photography here. I was using my phone in my basement at night.


How about doing the current LTAS armored cab to fit Trumpeter’s FMTV trucks.

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Are the cab angles and dimensions the same as Trumpeters M1078 LMTV cab?

No, unfortunately due to the larger windows, the angle across the cab is lower.

Thanks, I also replied to your PM.

In a little under 15 minutes during a break at work, I have the start of some 106mm recoilless rifle ammunition. Just need to make the case holes and add some detail to the case back and it’ll be good.

@John_Chambers if you need some more, I’ll have a decent set ready by the end of the day.

Unfortunately I found I have a very, very small hole in my resin vat film. As of yet It hasn’t affected my printing much at all but I can figure I can only do one more print before my printer needs to be put down until I get more FEP film in.

I finished working on some M16A4s and I finished up an A2 as well.

I also posted another 2 listings on Hobbymarket.