Looking for a 1/35 LWS crew

Does anyone have an 1/35 Land Wasser Schlepper crew ? I’ve been desperate to find one


Yes like that one, unfortunately there is none in the marketplace

You could possibly use some of the figures from the Italeri Schnellboot crew. Kit #5607. They have the life jackets on and look fairly decent.

That may not be a bad idea, are they in kriegmarine uniforms or Wehrmacht

They are in kriegsmarine uniforms but the life jackets kind of obscure that fact. image

Never thought of that, yeah that may work , i really only need maybe one to three of them. Could probably change the arms out to get a good pose.

You can get them pretty cheap on eBay. You can always buy an aftermarket headset and it would still be cheaper than buying complete set of resin figures.

That’s true, thanks again for the suggestion!

My pleasure. I have the Hobby Boss Early LWS and the Bronco Mid LWS. I only have the rope bumper for the Hobby Boss kit. Lion Roar was supposed to release one for the Bronco kit many moons ago but I am unable to find it anywhere. I have a set of the Schnellboot crew that I will use with the LWS. I HAVE THE Azimut crew for the Schnellboot.

Are you going to modify their poses at all or are you going to put new heads on them?

I usually use hornet or scale 75 headsets. The facial features of the officers in the set are not bad but the crew definitely need aftermarket heads. I don’t know about modifying the poses. I’m not that good at it.

I just saw the cmk set. I may spring for these because the poses are better and what i need. I just need to reconfirm that i can put new heads on them and also that they have life vest.

Upon looking at the figures i just realized they were 1/72 and jot 1/35 ooppps. Looks like I’ll get the italeri ones instead. Any chance you know where i can get a gang plank? I think that’s what it is called that i could run from a dock to the lws?

I’m sure balsa wood or plastic stock could be made into whatever you need.

That was my next thought