Looking for a book in Europe

I want to buy the book Heavy Jagdpanzer from author Walter J Spielberger.
But I can’t buy it anywhere.
I have been calling some bookshops in my area in the hope they can help me to get a copy.
But, they were not able to.

Even with the help of omero.nl and justbooks.nl I couldn’t find a reasonable priced example of this book to purchase.

Finally giving up on my seemingly pointless search of finding a copy.
My last hope is to ask here if you might be knowing something that I can get a copy of the book.

Did you even try a google search?

Found the book from five sources on first search. Four stores have it for sale plus a PDF download. Priced ~ $49 plus shipping to as high as $249 plus shipping.

Schiffer Books: Heavy Jagdpanzer - hard back book for sale

This PDF copy popped up for the book as first entry in my first Google search.

Hope that helps.

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have you tried ebay.com or ebay.co.uk or the french or german versions of ebay might have a cheap copy.

Based on previous questions I think you are the ones doing the trying for the OP.

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I use World of Books for second hand books. They currently don’t have the one you want but do have several by that author so maybe worth you keeping an eye on it:

Schiffer site does come up, but they have not shown the book in stock for several months. Amazon shows it available for about $2000.00 (!) if you feel like paying 2 grand for a $50.00 book. Not sure why this one title is such a difficult find, I have most of Spielberger’s other books and they weren’t hard to find. Maybe Schiffer should do another print run if the demand is there.

Let me first put out a general reply. I was feeling insulted by seeing the answers at first. Why did I feel insulted? Because I had the idea that you were thinking I was not even trying to find this book in the first place. And that you suggested that I was wanting you to do all the work for me. And that is simply not the case. I was searching hard for this specific book with my search engine, which is search.brave.com. And I did found results. But let’s get to that in a minute.

I’m not wanting to start a fight, just let you know my feelings. And get it out of my system in a as polite and calm way as possible.

But now, I’m looking again at the answers. And I see that I didn’t see them as clearly as I did at first. And now I’m seeing there is actually a very good help in them. So thank you for that. :pray:

I will answer in more detail a little later. But what I want to say to @Armor_Buff Yes, I did try searching with my search engine. But I will get to that in a minute as well. So stay tuned for that.

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@Armor_Buff Yes, I searched a lot with the search engine I’m using. My search engine I’m using is search.brave.com.

I can’t remember anymore the exact search terms I put into my search engine while doing this on my desktop computer. But I’m now doing something similair with searching I did on my desktop computer.

Here is the first query I used and the results it gave:

This first result is on amazon.com, but the price is so high that I don’t even think about purchasing it this way.
And I can’t even get it through here.
Heavy Jagdpanzer – Schifferbooks
Another result from the first search query.
I have checked out this website when searching on my desktop computer as well. But I can’t even purchase there. Because they don’t offer a payment method I can use. The payment methods I have are IDeal and bank transfer. I don’t have a credit card. Keep that in mind. :thinking:
Another result of the first query on the British version of Amazon.
First of all you’ll see that the book isn’t availlable from this source.
And another thing to keep in mind, is the bad experience I’ve had from ordering at panzerwrecks.com.
Which turned out to be the most expensive order I’ve ever placed with over 200 euro’s!!!
And the customer experience from the British postal service Royal Mail wasn’t even at the level I might expect from a order of over 200 euro’s!!! So no sigar here.
And these are the first results of the query.
Do you want me to continue or is this enough? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Klaus-Adler I have never ever tried ebay in my life before. And I don’t know actually what it is. I’m willing to check it out and give it a fair chance. Just like I did with Panzerwrecks.com. But if you are willing to provide me with some more details. Tips and advice on what to do and not to do on ebay. You’re more than welcome to help me out.

@brekinapez I’m not agreeing with this. It might look like this, because I didn’t take to much time to type this topic. But all the time I didn’t spend in writing this topic. Has gone into the search for the book I’m asking about in this topic. And into collecting other books for my research on the topic.
The reason why I’m now only searching and collecting books for purchase, is because I want to tackle the preparation and the project itself in a much more methodical and more efficient way that works for me.
And for me the most sensible thing to do is, first get everything collected for doing research. Than placing the orders when I have collected everything I need.
And then actually starting doing the research.
So there is a whole method of thinking about this and the way I’m doing this.

@BDR529 Thank you for providing me with this source. I have checked over the website for payment methods. But sadly, the payment methods I can use. Aren’t provided at this website. So I won’t be able to make purchases here. I can pay via Banktransfer and IDeal. I don’t have creditcard or paypal.

@SFCJJC Yes, I also found Schiffers own website. I checked out the shipping costs and the payment methods they offer. But sadly, it’s only Creditcard or Debitcard. And I do not own such payment methods. And I have looked into getting a prepaid credit card. But, it doesn’t seem like a good idea. So that’s a dead end either.

Given I provided you with a link to a PDF of the book in question, it doesn’t seem to me like you have much of a reason to colic but that’s your decision. I certainly won’t spend additional time addressing the colicking.

The likelyhood of a successful result increases using a mainstream search engine like Google & having access to a widely accepted payment method. That’s so basic and fundamental to acquiring items online as to be an axiom.

The number of paragraphs you decide to post that read as convoluted excuses are entirely at your discretion.

That’s my perspective in a concise and tactful summary.

If the pdf is free, I would thank @Armor_Buff and run! You’ll have the book with zero extra work and no cost.

I do agree, having a credit card and using google will give you much more luck.

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