Looking for a Decent White Paint/Primer

I’ve got a couple of kits coming up that need to be painted white, and I’m looking for some recommendations.

I generally use Stylynrez primer, and their grey and black are excellent, but I have all sorts of issues with the white. Coverage is poor, and it tends to run, unlike the other two.

I’ve also not had a lot of success with Vallejo whites, but Tamiya was a bit better.

Can anyone recommend the best white paint/primer they’ve had success with, along with any tips to get a better look?

For white sandable primer I use Plasti-Kote out of an aerosol can.

I’ve used Tamiya white primer without any problems. Well I did have a slight problem. I used it on a Mercury Redstone rocket and I had problems distinguishing it from the white paint I airbrushed. If I did it again I would just use the primer as the base coat, it was that fine.


I too like the Tamiya,I use it as a basecoat and I still have Modelmaster enamel to overcoat it