Looking for a Jagdpanther. Your thoughts?

I am thinking about getting a Jagdpanther in 1/35th and I do not know much about the bunch that are available today. Of those available, which do you prefer?
I always look for the holy Grail. Accuracy, fit and ease of construction are what I am looking for. Track can be replaced if there are issues with the kit track.

Try looking here: PMMS Vehicle Kit Reviews (perthmilitarymodelling.com)
Prolific on kit reviews as to accuracy, ease of build etc.

I really liked my Meng JP. There is a nice PE fret, nothing crazy. Good fit, looks accurate to my eye, but I’m not a rivet counter. Negative… the tracks are indy links with separate guide horns. Not that this is a bad thing just tedious work cutting, cleaning up parts. What worked nice for me was using a single edged razor to remove from the sprue. You can get in really close leaving minimum clean up on the 3 piece track links.
Have fun with what ever kit you pick !

I have always enjoyed Dragon German Armor,that is pretty much their niche.They make some excellent Jagdpanthers.They have an Early w/zimm with molded on #6494. Late Model G2 #6609 and an Early that needs zimm added # 6458

The Rye Field Model Jagdpanther is a spectacular kit and is available with or without an interior.

From David Coyne at Track Link. He build the Jagdpanther in a series and provides a lot of information about the kits and what they build into.

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Those links are very comprehensive,thanks

Thanks for your replies. this has been helpful.

Go either Meng, RFM or Dragon. Tamiya generally take the odd short cut.

Meng Jagdpanther G1. I built this one recently and really enjoyed it. Very good fit, apparently accurate except for a few parts (idlers, I think) and the detail is really good without being fiddly.