Looking for a specific RCAF kit

My grandpa was in the RCAF for over 20 years and reached the rank of warrant officer. He recently passed away, unfortunately from covid-19.

He served at a number of Canadian and American Air Force bases over his career, but his most prominent posting was as a radar technician at the underground complex in North Bay, Ontario, and on the DEW line, watching the skies for Russian bombers.

To commemorate his life and career, I was thinking of building my dad a model and inscribing it with my grandpas name and making a small base for it with an inscription.

During the time my grandpa served, the main interceptors he would have been charged with sending to radar pings would have been Canadair sabres, Canuck CF-100 interceptors, and Cf-101 voodoo. I am looking to get one of these kits one either 1/72 or 1/48 and I am looking for recommendations on a suitable model for this build

Hobbycraft made a couple of different marks of CF-100. I don’t know about 1/48, but I do have a spare 1/72 Mk. 5 if you want to buy it.

The Revell Germany F-101B is a nice kit, and there are aftermarket Canadian decal sheets for it. The Matchbox is cruder, but does come with Canadian decals. I think the 1/48 Revellogram 101B may also come with Canadian decals, but that I can 't be sure of.

Your plan is a great one, and I hope you can find something that works!

Edit: Oh bollox never mind, it’s out of stock…

Edit again: this one isn’t!

For the CF-101, I believe that Kitty Hawk made a version in 1/48. Belcher Bits probably makes a set of decals for the 101 as well.