Looking for Abrams cupola

If anyone happens to have a spare M1A2 Abrams cupola they wouldnt mind selling or donating I would appreciate it. specifically I need a RFM M1A2 one because something happened to mine so its unusable. I would need the clear parts as well. I only need the cupola part because I already have the hatch. Just saying If anyone has the RFM TUSK 1/2 kit it comes with a spare regular cupola you dont need, and I need that specific one.

1/35th scale?

I’ve got a 1/35th Tamiya M1A2 cupola you could have. Not sure how much you’d have to mod it to get it to fit the turret though. The clear parts on the Tamiya are cut from a clear sheet of plastic. I think I’ve got some clear sheet I could send with it. Could send the hatch as well so it would fit.

Let me know if your interested.

Ok thanks!