Looking for Christmas kit options

So, I thought of this kit for Christmas but I really couldn’t find anything about it.
No unboxing, no built models, nothing.

Does anyone know it?
Also, what is " Ve Day Edition" supposed to mean?


“V.E. Day Edition” just means “Victory Europe Day”, the day the war ended in Europe. I’ve built it, it’s a really old tooling of the Sherman and definitely pales in comparison to even the 90s Tamiya Shermans, but it’s not too bad to put together.

Thanks alot.
I will try to find a Tamiya kit then.

Just out of curiosity, how much is an average Tamiya kit 1:35 supposed to cost?
I buying off Amazon and prices vary wildly.

I think the older Tamiya Shermans (M4 Sherman, M4A3 Sherman) should cost around 22-25 euros, and the newer M4A3E8s should be around 40 euros. I’m not familiar with international prices though. Tamiya doesn’t have a model of the M4A1 Sherman in 1:35 though, so if you’re set on having that for cheap, the Italeri kit should do you fine.

It’s another rebox of their old M4A1 76mm (wet stowage) kit. That being said, it’s not a bad kit, but it’s been overtaken by more recent released kits. With a few tweaks such as adding cast armor texture and sanding away the non existent step in the main gun barrel, it will look pretty good. If you can get it for an inexpensive price, it’s a fun project to try your hand at some simple improvements.

I’d rather get a better kit, I am really not comfortable yet with “customizations”.

At this point I’d rename the thread as “What Christmas gift should I get”.

What about this Tamiya kit, is it any good? What kind of theater of war had that color? And what color is that?

And what about this one:

What kind of green is that?

EDIT: Thanks to the mods for re-naming and moving the thread.

Stug is Dunklegelb, Churchill would be SSC 15

Both those kits will give you a solid and enjoyable build.

If you are looking for a Sherman kit worth building and worth the money, Asuka (ex-Tasca) is the way to go. Pick any of theirs and you will not be sorry.

Also, look around for prices before you decide. Using you link to search for one on Amazon gives you this:

and 100 Euros is just ridiculous. BNA here in Australia has them for around 42 Euros. I imagine even with postage, it is going to be way less than 100 Euros and maybe you will find similar results closer to home. If not, a lot of guys that live in the States buy from BNA and are happy with the time to get overseas and the prices. You may be pushing it a bit for a before Christmas delivery now though.

Those Tamiya kits are older moulds from kits first released in 1976 and 1977 respectively. Still very buildable and enjoyable, but just not up to the same standards as a more modern kits. If fine detail is not your worry, then they will be ideal for you.

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I am still a beginner, so I suppose they should be more than fine for me.
I suppose that you can’t get any better for such low prices, right?

These are perfect for beginners. Tamiya would be my call out to anyone just starting out and getting feet wet. Often referred to as ‘Shake ‘n’ bake’ they are usually designed for good fit and reasonable detail for price. Some of their kits can be complex, but most are not. Some older ones have shape compromises as the used the same hull for similar vehicles. Often they came with little motors and real rubber band type track so they would move - and detail was compromised for this toy effect.


I bought a similar panzer II kit and it was indeed a joy to build, everything fit perfectly.
and yes, inside the hull there’s a place specifically built to fit a motor.
Besides that, didn’t noticed any glaring “toy” stuff.

I just hope that those two I linked do not have excessive “toy” compromises.
The Churchill especially looks really beautiful!

I also like the older kits for folks moving from building out of box to more advance modeling techniques, those kits are a great canvas for doing more with a kit.

There are no toy compromises on the Churchill. It was originally released as a Crocodile Flame Thrower and later released as the Mark VII gun tank only (with some figures) . It is quite good for its age and is fairly correct in shape (unlike the crocodile trailer). You will very happy with that choice.

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If you want some advice on what Tamiya kits to cut your teeth on, which are good, relatively inexpensive and fairly accurate builds, try some of these pre 2000 kits:
35134 Challenger 1
35170 Panther G
35175 Universal Carrier
35177 Sturmtiger
35197 Stug III Ausf G
35200 Wespe
35209 Panver IV Ausf H
35228 Greyhound
35232 Centaur
35234 M20
35237 Mobelwagen
35238 Kubelwagen

Then pretty much anything with a number after that will likely to be to your liking.

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The Universal Carrier looks good too, but I really cannot paint human figures, so I am afraid it won’t look so good without them.

Figure painting is an art in itself, but like all forms of modelling, you cannot get better without practice. :wink:


I used to feel the same way. I’ve started forcing my self to paint up a figure for at least every 3rd or so model assuming I have something that fits the bill.

There are a bazillion tutorials on YouTube for figures. None of mine are winning awards, and I still can’t paint an eye to save my life, but I’m no longer embarrassed to display figures on my models.

Another problem I find with figures is the sheer amount of colors you need…and for such tiny amounts too.

Negatory morning glory!

Other than flesh, which I will admit to not having the competency to mix up, everything else I use for figures are the same colours I’m using on equipment and other things.

You can do magical things with a few colours and a few modifiers like Buff.

Put the accuracy aside for a bit and paint your self up some little green army men. You can do it.

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