Looking for Crusier Mk I or Mk II

I want to buy the gecko A9 Mk I or A10 Mk IA cruiser tank in 1/35th scale. Kit numbers 35GM0003 and 35GM0002 also open to one of the other A9 or A10 variants, but it must be a 2 pounder variant. Thanks for looking!

I’m pretty sure that I saw one, if not both of those in stock at Andy’s Hobby HQ when I was there the other day.

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Fantastic! Andy has both in stock! Thanks. I had checked sprue bros and scale hobbyist and they were both out.

I watch his videos a lot, but for some reason always forget about his shop when I go to buy

Check his site. What he has in the physical store is not the same as what his online store has on hand.

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His online store is showing both the A9 and A10 in stock! Now the difficult part, which do I choose?

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