Looking for decal help with Hasegawa Ki-43-II Oscar 08122 64th Flight Regiment version


Mostly armor builder here, but I do love WWII aircraft of all types which is what brings me here. As the title mentions, I need a little help with some of the decals for the 1/32 Hasegawa Oscar kit. I was nearly done with my build and discovered my set had succumbed to time and splintered as I tried to remove any of them from the backing. Part of the risk of buying second-hand off ebay. As luck would have it, I could not find anyone selling aftermarket decals for the 1/32 kit but plenty for the smaller ones. There were quite a few kits but not as much aftermarket as I would have thought for this kit. I eventually found a set by a company called Berni that was on Hannant’s.

So, got them last weekend and got to putting them on. Everything was prepped; plane had a gloss coat and was wiped nice and clean; decals looked good. All of them except the upper Hinomarus and the one on the fuselage over the access hatch settled down. The other three have a case of the crazy-wavies as if they have air trapped beneath, but no amount of rolling out with cotton bud, stabbing with a hobby knife, or treatment with Micro-Set or Mr. Mark Softer has gotten them down.

I can’t make my own stencils as I don’t have access to decent masking material at the moment or a good cutter. There are no aftermarket decals available right now either and I really hate buying a whole set for three markings. So my hope is that someone out there is awesome at mask cutting, loves Japanese aircraft, and never used/plans to use their set and was willing to sell, trade, or whatever for it would be great, obviously. Or perhaps someone might have further ideas I could try to get these down or get around my inability to make a decent mask. I am not to proud to admit my last attempt to commit to masking all the insignia almost ended with me weeping while punching a Ki-44 back down to its components.

So, I have a dilemma. What should I try next?

Lots of crickets at Aeroscale…

Guess I should ask someone back in Armorama.

You could make them yourself. Easy to make really.Use a mask for the white outer edge and print the red on some decal paper on a decent laser printer.

I do happen to have some old Testors decal paper from an experiment that didn’t go well. The white on these is a thin border all around the edge; but since I know the diameter of the red portion I was thinking I could try just printing that portion out and center it within the white border. The fuselage Hino’s have no white so that will be easy.

Thanks. I guess that might be my only option at present.