Looking for E.F.G.F. M61A5 Aftermarket Tracks

I am looking for a set of the aftermarket (metal) M61A5 tracks for the Bandai kit. I am not able to locate any online at this time, so I am hoping maybe someone has a set they are willing to part with.

While I do not have the kit or tracks, I did at one time. The aftermarket tracks you seek are from Spade Ace. I last saw them on Hobbyeasy so you might try there. I also know there are aftermarket barrels for the kit. I know, I had them. But cannot remember who made them.

Sold the kit probably 10 years ago to pay rent after losing a job. So hope this helps.


Somewhere in Ohio

Didn’t know about the barrels, thanks! Unfortunately, both the tracks and barrels are out of stock at Hobbyeasy. I will keep looking!

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