Looking for rare resin set

In need of resin set for m113 fsv .in particular the top deck for the Saladin turret

Well what manufacturer would that be? There is, for instance, nothing within the Scalemates site indicating any conversion kit; you might get a bit more response if you give us all a clue! And of course, I’m happy to be educated.

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I imagine John is after a Mouse House upgrade set, MA136, which is on Scalemates. It is one of those times you need to know what name the search will come up on:

Mouse House closed doors last year
Conversion set reviewed here:

Roger that - and thanks; I suspect he’ll be a bit pushed as Mouse House packed it all in - as you note. Of course, that doesn’t mean someone, somewhere, hasn’t got one. I wish him well!

Sorry,it is the mouse house set,and seems it’s as rare as hens teeth,thanks for the responce

Thanks John; sorry that I couldn’t help but I was interested to know what the set was. A shame Mouse House packed it all in (though I understand why) - they did some very useful stuff. I did manage to stock up on their 105mm Lt Gun and Pack Howitzer though(!)

Yes it’s a shame they closed down.where would you recommend I reach out too,in the hopes of finding someone who may supply me with one,thanks again

Thanks for the responce.I’m just getting back in the hobby after a twenty year hiatus,and am retired now with plenty of time to rehone my skills.i’ve lost touch with my old ipms buds and have no clue where to seek someone willing to part with this set,any help will be greatly appreciated.

John, to be honest God knows; there appears to be zip on eBay but perhaps some Aussie modellers on here may pick up on this and have something - if not the resin perhaps some plans or photos. After a brief glance at the link above to an earlier review on Armorama, I should think that some plastic card might do the trick, but I fully admit to being no scratcher; however, it all looks like straight lines to me. I’m assuming you have a decent enough turret - if not then Dragon’s or Firing Line’s would work as a donor.

Sorry not to be able to help.

Couldn’t resist the temptation.

Maybe a complete styrene kit will turn up, Tamiyas kit has reached retirement age.
I am hoping that AFV-Club might follow up their other Australian M113 variants with a Saladin turreted FSV.

Took me a minute to catch your play on hens teeth,well done

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It is going to be as rare as Rocking Horse S#@% (Just for Robin) to find John. Even Aussie modellers will be loath to part with a set. I am a member of several Aussie swap and sell groups and when there is a call for the set, it is always unanswered…

It is either scratch build one, or hope AFV Club adds it to their line up as Robin said.

Here is a link to a build log of a part scratch built one ‘Gibbo’ did on the old armorama site, which may give you some help or ideas:


…and the man did not disappoint…


That was a very interesting article; a great pity we never saw it come to fruition, but the way he explained and illustrated everything was commendable. I suspect - were I keen on modelling such a vehicle - that even I could follow his efforts and possible come up with something half-decent.

I do so hope John finds it of use. Have a go!

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Also noted this - which mentions technical drawings; of course, you already have it:

Military Briefs 1 - Australian Fire Support Vehicles: Myszka, John: 9780957758605: Amazon.com: Books

Dear God, typing too fast for my brain; I meant “…you may already have it”

“We aim to please”

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Unfortunately not. Some of my club members have it though and after looking through it, it is on my wishlist of acquisitions.

Appreciate the link,very useful.I have no problem with sacrificing a donation kit.as I have 2 tamiya , 3 academy and 1 fav club.personally I find basing this build on the fav kit ,sacraligous……there is also a good article in land crafts m113 by Ben skipper with good photos of his build tho I don’t agree on his color.

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