Looking for replacement tracks for RF M4A3E8

I have the very nice Rye Field M4A3E8 kit. I would like to replace the kit tracks which are the 23" version with steel chevrons. However, they are WAY too fiddly for me so I’d like to find suitable replacements that are easier to use. I’d be happy to make a trade or just purchase new ones. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi John;

I, too, have the Rye Field Models M4A3E8. As plastic indy-link tracks go, I think the RFM tracks for the E8 look quite nice. They are fiddly, but looking at the instructions and the parts, it looks like RFM came up with a pretty well-thought-out scheme for assembly, with included jigs sized for the sets of parts. Regardless, indy tracks are truly a zen thing indeed.

That said, I get they may not appeal to you. First, allow me to share this site for you:


If you scroll down near the bottom you’ll see all the prototype E8 track details you need. Armed with that info, I went to the Friul website and found these alternatives to the RFM tracks. Friul tracks are well known and generally quite nicely detailed; they are cast in metal (some are plastic but I think these examples are all metal). Each link often requires clearing out holes with a drill bit in a pin vise, and some modelers like to replace the included wire with pins or other stiff straight wire. Anyway, here are two Friul options for you:


These replicate the original, single-pin, cast metal tracks first employed on the E8. One issue you may encounter (with any replacement tracks, really) is they may not match the ‘pitch’ of the sprockets on the model. In fact Friul sometimes makes replacement sprockets that match their racks but that’s not the case here unfortunately. Perhaps some other members can chime in with their experiences. These T-66 tracks do help you model the earliest E8s, although I’m no expert and can’t say the RFM kit is suitable for an early E8?

Next are the Friul option that matches the kit tracks, the T-80:


Same observations as above regarding fit to this particular kit. The only other option is a post-war T-84 track but I haven’t found an option for that.

So I hope this helps you in your quest. Keep in mind, I’m sure that if you do find replacements, you’ll likely be able to sell or trade the RFM included tracks and help recoup the cost of the replacements (a not insubstantial expense to be sure). While I haven’t yet begun mine, I chose the RFM M4A3E8 as it looks to be the finest model kit example of this important AFV. By all means, enjoy the build regardless and be sure to share it with us here! Happy Modeling!


Hello John and welcome to Armorama! I strongly suggest that you get the R Model T66 tracks. They are 1 piece with pins and require no drilling or cleaning. I have them and they are just beautiful and super easy to put together. You will be very happy if you buy these for your M4A3E8.

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Who sells R model?

BNA Model World, for one.

I’ve been getting mine from eBay. Shipping times suck, but I’m saving $10-$20 on shipping compared to BNA

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