Looking for research material for Jagdpanther project

I’m looking for books to answer important key questions for my upcoming Jagdpanther project.
So far I have been able to collect a few books.
But I’m thinking there are a lot more, but I don’t know about them.
And I’m hoping you are willing to help me.

Such a short message here, because I’m exhausted from the searching and thinking about the different decisions and dilemma’s that faced me during the search.

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Jeez Man, it’s only a hobby!

Pitch a few questions to the folks on here; there’s more than enough collective expertise and knowledge I would have thought. Books aren’t everything and knowledge within them is often overtaken with time.

If you’ll forgive the automotive-related term, don’t get too wrapped around the axle (although I appreciate that might not translate especially well).

Serious about Jadgpanther, this book should be in your library. At least, one museum has used this book to help fabricate replacement parts for their display Jadgpanther.

Panzerwrecks: Panzer-Tracts-no-9-3-jagdpanther


@Armor_Buff Thank you for the suggestion, I can really count on you to help me. :heart_eyes:

You won’t any better than Doyle and Jentz. I’ve used them for Tiger1s amazing attention to detail.

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As a general rule, if allowed only one book on a World War II German vehicle, I would choose the appropriate Panzer Tracts volume. Doyle and Jentz do a good job of explaining how specific features on a vehicle changed over the production run. (Warning: Some Panzer Tracts volumes are much better than others.) For information about a specific vehicle, a unit history with lots of photographs is often very helpful. Panzer Tracts teaches you what to look for. Picture books place specific vehicles at points in time and show specific details, camouflage, stowage, and so forth.

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