Looking for S Scale Replacement PA Warbonnet Flyer Decals?

Looking for S Scale Replacement Warbonnet Flyer Decals for PA Units???

This Flyer Passenger set will be nearly mint if I can just find replacement decals for the engines.

Hi Michael,

Des Plaines Hobbies advertises them, Item Lookup Code: 64-43, 9 in stock:

p.s., ordered from them twice, no problems.

Fred are these decals in S Scale? I did not see any indication of scale.

Scratch that - I found it!

I will be ordering a set of these ~ my concern is that I already ordered a set from another popular source and the print quality of the letters is so bad I don’t want to use them. I am concerned that ALL available decals may have have been produced by the same firm originally and that all will be of the same unsatisfactory quality.

Here showing the repainted lower silver skirting on my Flyer PA and that I have ALMOST succeeded in removing all the old decal by carefully using clear tape to pull off the old without disturbing the original red paint underneath.