Looking for Sexton parts

I haven’t noticed the bags going wrinkly on these, but have seen that in the past.
I’m planning on replacing these on the Sexton. I don’t trust DS either! Fortunately there are plenty of AM Sherman tracks to choose from. A shame there aren’t more choices for the CDP links.

Decals are not a problem either as I have the Fingerprint Designs British Armoured Division sheets. In theory they enable you to mark out pretty much any vehicle used from D-Day onwards.

Waves of Death marked on your photo


The plastic bag looks as if it is trying to mold itself over the tracks. The chemical that makes the DS soft is reacting with the bag. It makes the bag soft by migrating out of the tracks, leaving the tracks deformed and brittle.


Hhhmmm, you might be onto to something here. The worst I ever had were the tyres in their 25pdr which looked like they been vac sealed into the bags, were rock hard and looked half melted. The oil had leaked out the bags and into the box. Luckily I was able to return that and get my money back from the retailer, but not without butting heads with Dragons UK distributer who tried sending a replacement pair in even worse condition. But that’s a whole other story.

Timothy, I cannot apologise enough. I really don’t think these tracks are going to help you. Probably be more trouble to you in the long run. If they were still good I would have no problems making a trade.

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