Looking for the 1/72nd M-60a1 kit

I’m looking to buy a 1/72nd M-60a1 kit basically for parts, unless anyone of you guys can sell me a searchlight for the M-60a1.
What I mean is the AN/VSS-1 searchlight.
If anyone has one I would appreciate it if there is one available part or even a kit.
thank you.

You want the Esci/ Italeri M60A1 or A2 or A3 or even Blazer, as they all have the searchlight, or you can use the Esci/ Italeri/ Revell M48 certainly the A3 and A5 have it, the Revell which contains parts for all variants should have the M48A2GA2 is the one that won’t. Not much help but points you in the right direction.

The Revell M60A1/3 doesn’t have a searchlight so you don’t want that!

Thank you for the advice.

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