Looking to contact builder of this Dragon Wagon

Most of the pics are now gone. I’m hoping to find a way to get them reposted or contact the builder.

Images are still there, but seems there was a problem with the site archive. If you look at the source page all these images are linked as “archive.armorama.com/i.imgur.com/gD4fqCL.jpg” while they should be “i.imgur.com/gD4fqCL.jpg” . If you access this correct link, you still can see it:

Unfortunately I have not found any easy way to fix this, you will have to scan the html source code of each page, locate the images you want and open the individual (correct) links.

Maybe @staff_Jim or any other user with deeper html knowledge can help.

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Thank you for the help, unfortunately I really don’t understand the terms you are using. The top link does not open.

yes… no rocket science but requires some knowledge, sorry.

I can send you the page source of pages 3 to 7 of that thread, you can open them with any word processor (word, notepad, etc.) and search “imgur”. You will find many links in the form of for example “http://archive.armorama.com/i.imgur.com/gD4fqCL.jpg”, remove the first part and copy the rest, in this case “i.imgur.com/gD4fqCL.jpg” on your browser. The image should appear.

Defintively tedious but it’s the best I can offer…

Thanks again, but I think that I’ve figured it out, I’m not sure if this is efficient way to do it-I click on the photo symbol, which brings up a box and then I click on inspect. This brings up another smaller screen which I then look for the word igmur and I click on that and open another tab. I then shorten the web address to the example you gave me and the photo pops up.
I save it to the computer.
Not sure if there is a better way…

yes, essentially that is the process. If you just want a few photos, it will not take long. If you were looking for all of them… You will have a busy afternoon :slight_smile:

Glad to know you managed to get it!

This build is so good and helpful that the time taken is worth it.