Low oder primer?

Hello everyone!
What would be a good primer for spraying?
I don’t want to use enamel since it stinks bad. What would be recommended?
I’m looking for a primer that isn’t like Vallejo that doesn’t like to be sanded. Something that is easy to apply and sand and sticks well.

I’ve found that Badger Stynlrez works well. Can get a 3 pack with black, grey, white on Amazon for $30 CAD. Goes on quite smooth a smooth once dry is adheres very strongly. I am fairly sure it sands well. Only issue I have is the tip dries very fast on my airbrush, but my climate is very low humidity so your mileage may vary

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It’s good stuff, I guess I live in what I would describe as a regular climate not overly humid or dry.I have not expierienced dry tip but do not leave it in your airbrush for even a little time,it dries inside like a rock.

Ammo One Shot Primer. It is tough as nails and it has a sweetish smell to it. AK has good ones as well, although I haven’t used their new 3rd gen stuff yet.

Badger Stynlrez AKA One shot primer AKA Ultimate Modeling Primer …all same stuff different label…top acrylic primer :+1:

Just make sure it is well shaken, I’m talking like 5 minutes of vigorous shaking. I’ve had it come out thick and absorb details otherwise.


even after a nice shake it seems much denser than the usual primers, don’t worry and don’t thin it, 20-30psi straight out of the bottle with a 0.3-0.5 tip, even if it seems to erase the details when drying everything comes back, I give a dust as a first coat and then more wet.

The first 2 times I tried to thin as I usually did with other primers and it loses some adhesion, the beauty also that with half cup last long time it is really very covering

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I do use 0.5 nosle, clogs up less often. Still I usually try to be fast and on the point as it loves to dry into the cup of my airbrush.
Did thin it as well with Vallejo thinner and added some flow improver. It did lose some of that matt rugged finish and got more of an eggshell like one.
Maybe that’s what you should do, if you want it more sandlable.

Phew! Lots of good replies. So badger stynlrez is the “chosen one” :yum:
I won’t have to be super worried about spraying it indoors? Would spraying it into a paint booth without venting it outdoors work??? Or would it be manditory?

Also what would be the best all purpose color? Maybe grey??

It’s water based like Vallejo,AK,etc…no worries mate…same precautions you would take with any water based…in my case practically any,i work in my garage with my fan on that’s it

I like the Grey but is little bit to dark for me,i brought a small bottle of white and i do my mix,120ml grey + 60ml white

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The gray is a bit dark for me as well but not terribly so. I spray it inside with no ventilation but I do wear a respirator or mask to be safe

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