M 36 Jackson, Academy, 1:35 | Armorama™

I'd like to present one of my recent models M 36 Jackson from Academy. A nice kit, not very complicated. I decided to add PanzerArt sandbags (originally for M10), and some minor stuff. Painted with Tamiya acrylics. Enjoy.

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Very nice build. overall. However, the problem with the Panzer Art sandbags is the designer did not think like a tank crewman. Sandbags applied to the glacis plate never extended above the top edge of the armor, because they would block the view from the drivers’ periscopes–the tank could literally not be driven with the hatches shut. This is a frequent problem with aftermarket sets, because the designers think “the more, the better.” The only fix beyond removing them altogether would be to grind down the top layer of the bags with a Dremel tool and repaint them.

I get your point. Next Time have to check this issue. Thanks for your opiniom.

looks pretty dang good. yeah, I agree with Gerald about the sandbags, but it looks great nonetheless.