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HobbyBoss released a teaser image of their upcoming release.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/m-atv-utility-from-hobbyboss
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I love a good tease! :heart_eyes:

I’m building the RFM M-ATV now (and I’ve got the Panda disaster of the same on my shelf to be parted out). If HobbyBoss comes near the RFM work, it’s going to be a piece of art.

A friend build RFM kit and claimed it is a masterpiece of engineering. We’ll see how Hobby Boss kit turns out.


I have the Panda offering in the stash … What is wrong so I know what to look for

Instructions are a mess and the plastic is weird and soft. Fit is sometimes troublesome. On the good side, there’s a Duke antenna that’s going on my RFM M-ATV and there’s a lot of photoetch if you like that sort of thing.

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Has this one being fielded or is it an Oshkosh prototype?


My Google Fu is poor, but all I can find on this are Oshkosh press release photos. I haven’t found a single photo of a fielded M-ATV Utility. That said, if Hobby Boss puts out a kit then I’m going to get one - it’s like the pickup version of a big military SUV.

Possible iteration of this vehicle for Hobbyboss to consider…

Rafael Spike NLOS

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Another option,

Credit to tank-masters.de, too.

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I think that’s a JLTV, another Oshkosh product. I saw someplace that Panda was going to kit one in 1/35 but they went belly up with Kitty Hawk. While I think it’s not nearly as photogenic as the M-ATV, I do still wish somebody would put one out - in whatever variant - in 1/35 styrene.

Yes, the 4-door vehicle shown by Newtonk is the M1280 JTLV, which is supposed to be replacing the HMMWV in most units. It is currently in production and being fielded.

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