Along with the other kit I’m working on I’ve been plugging away on this.
I done the panda kit a while ago , which was hard to do , so thought I’d try the RFM version. Not as hard…but still an involved build.


Best part of of a days worth for me was getting this all lined up…


Painting on the inside of the hood , or bonnet…sanding and filling the ejector marks took a while…


GREAT engine work there!


Sub assemblies…alot of painting , not a fan of having to do modelling this way , but i think you have to with this kit.

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This is the upgrade by rfm .


That looks nice

What yellow did you use on the engine components?
It looks really good in this scale.

Edited to add
I had this kit but ended up selling it. I recall that RFM had zinc chromate yellow listed for the block and components?

I could be wrong but that definitely looks like a CAT C-12 engine???

Which means it would be perfect for mounting in the Mk23 Marine Cargo Truck.

WRONG - that is the smaller C-7, 7.2 liter engine! Same design but smaller displacement.

Don’t get me to be lying. It’s been 20 yesrs since I messed with diesels every day.

My favorite school bus.

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Bum basic tamiya flat yellow . Tamiya clear on top for decals and washes .

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Done a dry run of what ive been working on , looks like im going to have a bit of trouble getting the bonnet or hood…depending on what side of the Atlantic you on , fitting correctly.
I will weather the interior and fit the doors next week. Still a ways to go though.


That’s some damn fine work there - that engine bay looks amazing!


I agree with Matt, the work looks amazing. :+1:

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I have both versions on my build stash. I even went as far as getting the extra sprue from the RFM kit that includes the CROWS II turret.

Though I’ll be honest, I’m a bit intimidated by the Panda kit after reading all the reviews on the kit.

Ive made the panda version , hard kit to put together. Think i posted it the last time i was on this forum ,can post a few pictures here if you like .

Nah! Just ad a link, so i can swing on over and look at how you tackled the build.

I did the tooling for the dyno that tested this power pack. The engine was completely yellow (CAT yellow). The turbo charger of course is a rough brown color. One odd ball thing in the gear box (99.99% will never know it) is that those four wings at the top are supposed to be cut off when finished. They are only there for handling in assembly. They just saw them off.


Panda version , finished a few years ago.