M1 Tank Power Pack Lifting Sling 12475613 for M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams engine

I posted photos of the M1A3 and the M2A4 here in the past. Let’s just say my other photos have served their purpose.


Just for fun, I decided to show folks who don’t have a 3D printer how easy this is. I’ve done some 3D work for my IDF 155 SPG’s, but I know my limitations. I’m faster with an X-Acto.

I only intended to model the long support on top. As you can see from the previous photos I chose the riveted version as it’s a bit more interesting.

I started with .015 x .156 strip, and added the flanges to the “C” channel with .010 x .060 strip .
Combined that adds up to .176 inches, or a scale 6.16 inches. For folks who like “close enough” I guess that’ll do. Truthfully you cannot get any closer to six scale inches using existing sizes of Evergreen, so I guess I will give it a pass.
I made two C channels two inches long, and then another center strip of .040 cut the the exact dimension of .176 inches to match the outer channel pieces.

I cemented all three components together leaving the C channel just a hair shorter than the center section so you can see it’s made from three pieces.

Now you can add that top protruding piece with more .040.

I added a few rivets. Normally I would use my punch set, but as many people don’t have a punch set I sliced off pieces of .025 Evergreen rod. That works out to .875 inches. Perfect.
If I were doing this seriously for myself with bits of rod, I’d cement them all in place before adding the flanges, and then file them down to a uniform height. Sure beats trying to cut tiny slivers all to the same length.

So there you go - all the dimensions are the best you can get with Evergreen. If I were building this for myself I might take a bit more time.
As it was, I used the stop watch on my phone, pausing it when I waited for liquid cement to set up. Total build time: four minutes and twenty two seconds.


In the mean time I’ve also made some progress. I wouldn’t be able to make an order to get some of that Evergreen in four minutes. But I’m doing this half for the sake of learning modeling.

The bit of shackles that KurtLauglhin commented I found especially helpful. It also made me to realize that I’d better make the beam thinner.


That looks great. I wish I had your skill.
I have nearly every size of Evergreen strip and sheet on hand. So it only took about thirty seconds of that time to get everything together. :grinning:

If I were into Abrams I’d order one from you. I guess you won’t be needing those measurements.


Here you can see the 1:35 scale dimensions in mm and the angle 81.7 degrees. If someone can get me more accurate measurements, especially the angle, I’d be very happy. I’ll see if I can make this available to Cults3D incase someone else wishes to print this.


I wish I had your skill. And stock of Evergreen! =D


I’ve slightly adjusted the angle and printed first batches. I’ve built first mock up from parts that were not perfect and I’ll build the final one later from best parts from the print batch. I’ve already moved one lifting point after taking this photo as it became clear it needed to be adjusted.

I’m really liking how this is turning out!


That’s really looking good!


are you selling the sling?

It’s only a few miles from Fort Living Room.

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I could put the files up on Cults. Haven’t done that before so I need to look in to it.


keep me updated I like your print better than building the PE one. Me and PE do not get along most days.

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Here it is:

Let me know if there is anything awry.