M106 and M1064 combat use

Enlarge this photo to 1/35 and use it as a template. :slight_smile:
If my calculations are correct, you only need to fill in the front corners of the original hatch area.

Blast from the past - 1987 perhaps:


Yeah I’m gonna give it a try

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What, you’re not finished yet? :slight_smile:

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Lol I’m slow as sh-t building models without scratch building

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that sorta figures! I have two kits and need a third for a diorama! Actually converting an M113 to a mortar track really wouldn’t be that hard. Other than brackets and a new top; the rest is pretty much there. Worst part would be cutting the opening in the top plate

Another option would be to use the Hobby Link conversion for the hull and the MR Modellbau conversion for the 120mm (M1064A3) specific items. It may or may not be more cost effective. You would also have an m107 mortar and additional interior parts left over.

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I made an offer on eBay but canceled now that I’ll be getting one from a member on this site.
My goal eventually is to build an M106 from the Gulf war and then an M1064 from OIF.

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Did you see this thread ?



Yes fantastic Frenchy. Still reading much of it.