M113 Reference

I need a little help from the guys who know how to search this siter like a pro. I know it’s been talked about and posted but I cannot find the post about what spray paint color to use for the interior of the M113.

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The color is called seafoam green. I don’t think there is an exact match in model paints. The closest is probably Tamiya Cockpit Green. The best match is Krylon Pistachio spray paint in the big can. We used it for touchup on actual Army vehicle interiors. It matched the factory color perfectly.


AK makes the APC Interior Green/Sea Foam Green in their Real Colors Line

AK also makes it in their acrylic 3rd Gen line. Mig Ammo also has it in their acrylic line.


Came thru again for me thank you very much kind sir.


only just seen this post as i have just joined. i have a couple of pictures. quite often they are very smooth and unpainted underneath with going over lots of different terrain over years and the paint will just get striped off. this is an Australian carrier in Vietnam about to get a belly plate fitted (Australia fitted full length plates not the 1/3 plates like the US ACAV’s had

another getting ready for belly pan, you can see there is some paint nearer the tracks but not much
having belly plate fitted
a Kiwi carrier having a rest

hope these help


I know you’re asking about spray paint, but have you considered mixing your own? Far better for the environment, easy to do, and much more economical.

Tamiya’s recommendation:

No point starting with flat paint.
My own has always been a mix of Testors Gloss White and “Crayola” Green - the ones found in any craft store in their sad little model section.

The proportions are roughly the same.


yet again colours can change slightly country to country as some are lighter and some are darker in green appearance. heres a turret base stand we repainted last year. havign said that the commanders seat below that is painted the same colour so the light can make it look different on camera

577’s always looked clean and shiny

Drivers Bay

an XM806

an M579 fitters

bed time

so any variation would do i have always used Tamiya Sky and sometime add a little green or white


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