M1288 GMV 1.1/M1297 A-GMV/Flyer 72 ALSV Page Update

With all the work done on the Flyer 60 index, we were also able to substantially update the Flyer 72/M1288 GMV 1.1/M1297 A-GMV index. Here’s the link: WarWheels.Net- Flyer 72 Advanced Light Strike Vehicle/M1288 GMV 1.1/M1297 A-GMV/ Index .

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I thought that the Flyer 60 denoted the inches in width…12 inches x 5 feet = 60 inches wide that can fit inside a V-22.

The Flyer 72 is 12 inches x 6 feet = 72 inches wide and it cannot fit inside a V-22, but can fit inside a C/MH-47 and CH-53.

The V-22’s cargo hold is 5 feet-11 inches (1.80 meters) wide so it’s not even six feet wide for the Flyer 72.

You are correct with the measurements and a V22 wouldnt fit a Flyer 72 internally. But, i thought i read that they can be slung load via V22. Or, is that my mistake?

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Possible. There is a photo of a V-22 with a sling-load HMMWV.


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