M16 Half track side folded

Hi all,

I found a pic of a M16 with the side of the “box” folded down, but only the aft part and a soldier over the unfolded part.
I want to know if this a field modification, or its standart feature, or just an optic ilussion


@Alvaro_Brasesco Hi, they are normally bolted together at that point and operate as one but it would be easy enough to take apart in the field.

  • I’m pretty sure the small bolted plate is represented on the model kit
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Thanks for your quick response, as you say I have always seen everything as a piece, I did not know that it could be used that way.

This photo shows the side armor folded. It looks like two separate sections.

Thanks for the pic!

Here’s a close-up of the connecting plate :

from Primeportal.net



Thanks great detail!!

If the connecting plate was removed to allow independent folding, would that result in bolt holes all the way through or sockets?

I guess the four bolts would be removed as well so you would see four holes (two on each plate )


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They are thru bolted

  • and you’d only have to remove two, leaving the plate bolted to the other section of armor
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I guess they would put the bolts back in so they wouldn’t get lost.

If they were smart :wink: