M1942 Cannon Barrel

I have the Miniart M1942/1943 cannon and was hoping to make the M1942 version with an aftermarket barrel. Seems I cannot find anything though.

Hmm can’t find the kit you are on about from your description text, can you add the kit part number?

MiniArt 35369 WWII ZIS-2 ZIS-3 Gun With Limber & Crew 2 In 1 Scale Model 1:35 4820183313683 | eBay

Scalemates list several options, but generic options for barrels so you might have to look up tanks that carried that gun


Also look up Polish Company RB Models

1/35 L73 ABER METAL BARREL 57mm ZIS-4 for T-34/76 m1941 for DRAGON Kit PROMOTE | eBay

I managed to find this after looking up the 57mm gun. Hopefully this barrel will do the job.