M1A2 CITV question

Hi all
I’m aware that modern MBT optics & prisms have a laser reflective coating that appears red when viewed from certain angles. Does this also apply to the CITV on A2’s?

I wouldn’t go for the same effect with the CITV as the rest of the optics, but for a darker glossy effect. But I thinks it is more of a personal preference.

I would guess no on the coating because the commander isn’t seeing a direct optical image from the CITV as he does through the periscopes and so doesn’t need protection from laser energy.

Exactly what @Seanmcandrews says. The lens is actually a very dark gun metal colour as it is made from Germanium crystal and not glass. Germanium is transparent to certain wavelengths of the light spectrum (infrared) and not others (typically the ones we can see) and so is ideal as a filter for the thermal scanner which sits behind it.


Thanks heaps gentlemen. Really appreciate the info