M2 Half-track question

AFV Club has two M5 kits, 35181 is an M5 gun on M6 carriage, representing the most common type seen overseas. Their 35S62 is a special release with the M5 on the original M1 carriage, which is why it is likely premium priced.

The M1s were made up to mid-43 and the M6 started production in late 43 along with the conversion of M1s. I think some M1s were photographed in Italy but the M6 is about all you see in the ETO.


Sorry for the confusion. The two AFV club kits are the same price. The M1 57mm AT gun from Riich models is $50

That’s from 1940, before self-propelled artillery was developed for the Armored Field Artillery Battalions. I would look at a T/O&E from 1942 or later, for example:


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