M2A1 in Colombian service

return to the origin, without spare part the half track became a full truck


This looks interesting :smile:

Interesting vehicle.

That’s an M2A1 halftrack though, not an M3A1

Source? 10 chars

The M3A1 Scout Car looked totally different on the rear sides. It’s not as simple as boxing in the track area and adding the rear wheels.


I think the goal is to make a model of this:


^ Exactly

*and it’s an M2A1

If that is the case, then this is exactly what they did.


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yes it is an old M2A1…sorry…

i substitute photoeched plates with plasticard ones

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begin of painting work

No worries, I fixed the title for you.

Cool build. :sunglasses:

Looks really good so far

Hello everybody
below the pictures of the model finished. I add AFV recoilless gun and ammo containers

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comments are welcome

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I like it overall, matches close to Robin’s photo. Any other comments are on the side of personal preference with regard to weathering. If your happy that’s all that matters.

My photos are not high quality, display dust and effect remain for me a big challenge… Ihope in the future models to mix better weatherning