M2A3 Bradley - Iron Brigade German Tour 2017

I am building a 1/72-scale kit of the M2A3 Bradley, depicting it as a vehicle on exercise during the Iron Brigade German Tour 2017. I have a few reference photographs, but wonder whether anyone can tell me what sensors would be fitted to the vehicle (with illustrations if possible).



If you can post some pics of the vehicle you are building, then we can point out what is on it.

I’m no expert on sensors by any means but if you mean the Raytheon ISU, the DVE and the IBAS, those parts are correct. However, the Dragon kit has 3D printed armor bits I personally have not seen on an A3 from that time. Not to say they weren’t used back then, but I have only seen those lower, angled blocks an the A4’s, even though a majority of A4 changes are internal. Of course for that exercise it likely wouldn’t be using the square ERA blocks either.