M35A1 Guntruck "THE MAFIA"


Love Nam gun trucks and this one is a standout. :+1: :+1:

Where are the markings from Star? I assume the base kit was the AFV offering, no?

Nice build! Love the ammo box carpeting!


i’m starting from basic trasport truck M35a2 afv.
i did myself decals

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front tyres are catch from Puma civilian tires and the script GoodYear is from Tamiya Mc Laren F1

Came out pretty nice.

Wow that came great. Did they use tires with the manufacturer printed in white? Never noticed that- very interesting.

The front tires are the only thing that looks off to me. They are too big and shouldn’t have the white lettering. They did use road tires on the front of some gun trucks (mostly on 5 tons), but they were narrow civilian truck tires w/no white lettering.

Road tires on M54 King Kong

I like the job you did on the bed with the seats and machine guns. I could be wrong, but is the ammo belt for the .50 cal in backwards? Looks like the rounds are facing the wrong way ?

I checked in my library and I haven 't record of white printing on tyres (i don’t remaind why I applied it…)
fortunately tires have a great turnover…sorry gentlemen
however the search made me find the file to get the decal.

About the 0.50 ammo is a problem of black shadow or… I usually paint the brass cartridge case and the in silver (or black) the ogive (barerly a quarter of all lenght) correct?


Looks really good! Is the gun box scratch built? If so how?

do you intend the armour box in the floor?