M3A1 Reforguer Alemania

Good morning. I want to present my M3A1 to you. Tamiya mold, eduard photoetched parts, RB Models barrel and the rest scratch. I have made the non-slip surface with a paste marketed by ammo mig. Simple to understand and very very real. There are details to adapt, all kinds of criticism, suggestions, etc. are allowed.


Excellent work, Raul. I love the WIP photos showing all the upgrades and mods with the different materials used.

Looking really nice so far. The only thing I don’t like is the road wheel on the rear of the turret. It looks more like an M48 road wheel, it just looks too big. Great job overall.

Thanks to both of you. You’re right Gino. I put it with the intention that it would be one more thing in the basket as a mess. If it does not paint anything, it is removed and ready. What decoration would you do?

I would either leave it off or put a rucksack there. The M48 wheel looks out of place.

will remove it and in its place I will place a backpack or a banner to indicate that the vehicle has a trailer, you know that one that is white with red stripes

I’d say go with the rucksack up there. The M3 is used by the scout platoon of Cav squadrons, armor, and mech infantry battalions. Those folks are not going to be towing trailers.