M3A1 Whites scout car | Armorama™

A fantastic diorama of the M3A1 Whites Scout Car on patrol in Western Europe from modelling friend Shawn Ramsey

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I like the convincing interaction between subjects in this setting. I like the groundwork, the vehicle … I could go on and on… Really great composition overall!


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Why isn’t anyone pulling security? First priority of work of any halt during a present patrol and a patrol base.

Great scene with an equally nice finish on all aspects of it.

I like the composition and details are excellent. Who makes the barn in the diorama?

Excellent job all around with this one . Great finish on the scout car and groundwork and figures are excellent too.

True, in real life someone should be manning the vehicle mounted machine gun but it looks like the rest of the crew of this armored car are elsewhere - maybe behind the barn taking a dump or looking for food lol !