M4 C2V finished

Happy new year to you all :grin::partying_face:
This is the Trumpeter kit with some extras from the spare box.
Hope you like it :blush:


Very nice…I like it!

Lovely work.

This came out nice. Good job on it. Only change I would make is to remove the giant box of Coke. Trumpeter made their soda boxes huge. That must be the new 100 pack. Other than that, it looks great.

Nice clean build. Very effective use of pin wash to bring out the bolt detail. :+1: :+1:

I thought it was the new one-gallon cans in six-pack?

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Very nice model.
Have you faced any problems during the building of the model?

Yes looks great , great finish.

I’m probably thinking of another vehicle, but didn’t the army reject this vehicle?

No problems really, but it would be great, if there had been interior in the back, though.

The US Army only got around 25, and the whole project is terminated, due to the high production cost.

Correct. There were a few trialed during the invasion of Iraq by 3ID and a couple other units. This one is marked as one of the ones used by 3ID HQ.

Oh ok -thanks for the clarification Gino.

Super build!