M60A1 build question

Hi all,
Asking some advice on whether to add some parts or not.
I’m building a Frankenstein M60A1 using various 1/35 parts in my spare bin (from Dragon, ESCI, Academy, and Tamiya). I’ve noticed these particular parts (don’t know the exact name but look like horizontal lifting eyes?) appear in some reference photos and not in some M60A1s. Also, AFV Club’s kit depicts it, but Takom’s kit doesn’t. What is it and should I add it?

I’ve scratch-built some using Evergreen sheets:

Appears on these:

Not on these:

Thanks for your help in advance.

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It’s there in the photo, just a different location. Just to the rear of the road wheel as your looking at it.

Page 7

*I did seem them on the Takom A1 Era instructions, part A18.

We discussed tie downs earlier:


Thank you, Tank1812 for the reference guide! Yeah, Takom’s USMC ERA uses the horizontal lifting eyes, but not their generic M60A1 2132 kit.

So basically, you can add or omit the horizontal lifting eyes based on which generation of the M60A1 hull you want to depict. Nice. Thank you all!

That is incorrect, what about parts R5,6, and 7?

*just checked the A3 and even CM-11 kits had them.

Not exactly, looks like all hulls had them but the location, quantity and if vertical or horizontal is the difference.

Tank1812, I was only talking about the horizontal lifting eyes. Not the vertical lifting eyes as depicted by R5, 6, and 7. A18 (horizontal one) is not used in Takom’s 2132 kit b/c that may be representing the pre-1974 earlier generation hull. Vertical ones are there of course.

The vertical ones are seen mainly on M60 (slick) and very early A1. For a M60A1 your best option is two or four horizontal ones, again depending on the timeframe.


US Army with 2 horizontal

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My Frankenstein M60A1 in progress. :smiley:
What you see in gray plastic - Dragon M60 parts, in yellowish tan - ESCI, tan - Tamiya, green - Academy, white - scratch-built Evergreen. Made the Xenon searchlight cover with aluminum foil. Combo of all spare parts I had. Ready for painting now. This will be a generic USMC M60A1.
Any feedback/correction suggestions welcomed.


correct: early M60 was without it; idf sometime add it

Looks like it is coming along great. Excellent franken-tank project.


Gotta love a Frankensixty.

Odd searchlight,

would a better shape.

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Nah, bro. I am depicting an AN/VSS-3. What you are showing is AN/VSS-1(V)1.
USMC used both. My Frankentanky is based on the following:

USMC M60A1 circa 1982 or 81.

Similar time period

Example of VSS-3

I got the searchlight parts from the ancient ESCI M60A1 kit.


That is looking really good .

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It’s looking great.

Yeah they were easier to install and uninstall also.