M60A1 ERA, Desert Shield, Desert Storm tank slogans on main gun

I’m just throwing this out there. I’ve been searching for images, and information on the slogans that were on the main guns of Marine M60A1. Any help would be appreciated.

“American Express” :


Saddamizer :



Thanks. I have seen that one.

Tamiya makes the decal for the American Express for their M60a1 with ERA Kit.

Thanks for its information.

“Beirut Payback”:


Takom has the ‘Beirut Payback’ decals as one of the options. Along with ‘Wicked Bitch’, ‘Bummer’ and ‘Genesis II’

I have the Takom M60A1 ERA kit under construction. I may do “Beirut Payback”. I want to have an African American as part of the crew. I already have a set of “Hornet Heads” African American heads.

Thanks. This may be the one for me to do. I’m building the Takom kit.

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I guess some batches of the AFV ones are not good. One of mine was not formed right

Hope you have seen Don Haney’s painting method at this link? I tried his approach once and was happy with result.
Reaper Master Series “Dark Shadow”
Vallejo 984 Flat Brown
Vallejo 843 Cork Brown
Vallejo 955 Flat Flesh
Vallejo 846 Mahogany Brown
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Concentrated Water Color #27B “Mahogany” (used as filter)

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Here is another resource for painting ethic figures.


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I saw that thread a couple of years ago. Great work.