M60A1 MASSTER | Armorama

Takom kit OOB with stowage from the spares box.

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Just got this up on the Armorama Content Site, in case the model looks familiar! (That way it can be found in perpetuity, unlike forum posts…) And it’s a fine MASSTER paint job!

Thanks. I’m happy to oblige. Really surprised at the comments on the paint because other than the fact that it was the first time I attempted MASSTER I didn’t think it it was anything special. Thanks for all the help as well.

I saw this the other day when it was submitted. Looks great, but “Masster”? Is that a typo or…

It’s an acronym too complicated to explain but here’s a link. OTC History

MASSTER reads Modern Army Sensor Systems Test, Evaluation and Review.

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Ahhh… Google failed me in that regard. :smiley:

Clearly need to repaint mine. Really nice work on the scheme and the overall build.

5IOgoVD - Imgur

Hi Armorsmith,
It is a nice example of camo, it reminds me of MERDC, in some of its variants, which is my favorite, and that I would love to make one well one day, at least like yours.
Cheers and TC
Francis. :+1:

@francisgl Thanks for the kind words. And thanks to all those who have responded.