M60A1 w ERA, Sea Dart & Sea Wolf and... Yamato Anchor | Armorama™

Takom posted an image of their upcoming releases on their Facebook page. Check them out!

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/m60a1-w-era-sea-dart-sea-wolf-and--yamato-anchor
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Perefct! It figures Takom would announce a USMC M60A1 w/ERA Blade Tank kit after I just bought their M60A3 Blade Tank kit to take the blade out of and add to their earlier USMC M60A1 w/ERA kit.

And I planned to build the exact one they used for their boxart.


Thanks for “taking one for the team”
:wink: :rofl:

You’re all welcome. :grin:

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That’s how it usually works lol

I was gonna use the Dragon mine plow I have hanging around

Since the early kit is sold out I will get a few bladed kits to build as unbladed hogs. I mean “build” as in collect. :roll_eyes:

Exactly my plan. Though substitute ‘a few’ for ‘1’ in my case. I have enough M60’s in the stash as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Gino make a M60 MICLIC then maybe one of the companies will make one lol.

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I’m sorry for question… but what does it mean w Era?

ERA = Explosive Reactive Armour
Those funny blocks they stick all over the outer surface of older tanks to allow them to be used a few more years. ‘Explosive’ means that it contains explosives, ‘Reactive’ means that it only reacts to external input such as the explosives in a shaped charge warhead carried by and antit-tank missile or RPG round. ‘Armour’ is armour …

w is an abbreviation for the word ‘with’, commonly used by model companies

More reading about ERA here:

Reactive Armour shall NOT be confused with Active Armour or APS. Active armour contains sensors, a control system and a weapons system. Some of them are hard kill and some are soft kill. Hard kill shoots down or physically destroys the incoming threat while soft kill tries to disrupt or decoy the guidance system of the incoming threat. A “dumb” threat like an RPG round can only be handled by hard kill. The hard kill active armour can be compared with an anti-aircraft system.

Marketing video about the IDF Trophy system (one example of an APS, Active Protection System)

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Thanks for reply… :call_me_hand:

The tank has a lot of appeal, but I have to confess that the ship armament kits are pulling my eyes to them. Something big and different maybe!