M60A3 WIP assembly almost complete

I really like all the work you’ve done bringing the old kit up to snuff, well done.

This is some beautiful improvement work. What particular paint scheme are you planning for this beast?

Thank you for your kind comments. I was thinking the NATO 3-tone camo scheme - making it simple for me.

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Nice figure, what kit is he from?

If you go with the 3-color scheme, try doing it in the green, brown, and black MERDC colors. Most M60s in Germany (and most vehicles in general, in the 80s) never got the CARC paint applied.

Thanks Ken. The figure is a generic one from Tamiya M60A3 kit - slightly modified the right arm and added a binocular.

He looks good, but you should add a microphone boom to the front of the helmet. Royal model makes some in PE.

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James, I don’t wish to rain on your parade here - and I love the project - but is it possible that the smoke dischargers are angled correctly? It might be the camera angle but I have a suspicon, and only that, that they might be directed sideways a touch too much.

'Quite happy to be put back in my box(!)

Hi Brian,
I agree that the smoke dischargers’ angles may be off - several factors attributing to that: the attachments were scratch-built from Evergreen based on Takom parts’ measurements (may have resulted in fractions of mm longer in some) and the dischargers were from an old M1 Abrams kit (most likely longer or bigger in size). I don’t feel like correcting them as I’d like to move on. :smiley: I welcome your feedback regardless.

Fair enough James; still looking forward to see how it all comes out. it’s been a very useful build for when I tackle mine - probably some time in 2035 at this rate.

Looks like it is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing some paint on it. MERDC or NATO camo are both appropriate and either would look great.

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