M88A1 Questions

I photographed last year a M88A1 from Arkansas National Guard. The track has several parts attached that I couldn´t identify. Does anyone here know what might be the function of these?

Not all of them and I’m prepared to be corrected but working from top to bottom you’ve circled:

  1. What appears to be a radio antenna bracket over the starboard side spare track links

  2. Not sure what’s over the port side spare tracks but it looks like a bracket to mount them or something else.

  3. The port side service light assembly (headlights)

  4. That big round beast on the glacis looks like a snatch block for creating a mechanical advantage system

  5. That last picture, as you’ve obviously highlighted it, is a tow ring

The pictures where you haven’t highlighted things are too complicated to start labeling parts.

In the above pic, there is usually a box for storing spare smoke grenades, as below. It looks like the mounting points for the boxes.