M88A2 United States Marine Corps

Buenos días a todos. Modelo AFV y la conversión realizada con plasticard y varillas evergreen. ET modela antenas, mochilas y cajas del cajón de chatarra.
Espero que les guste y a los expertos que lo critican sin piedad. He intentado reproducir un vehículo USMC en un estado operativo alto


Man this is great. I just want to climb aboard and go.

I’m glad you like it

Awesome looking Model! Love the details.

Very nice.

Is there an In-Progress thread on here? I searched but couldn’t find it

I’m not sorry. It’s a time-consuming model and I couldn’t do a step-by-step. If you have any questions regarding the conversion, I will be happy to answer them.
Thank you

Ok, Thanks. I was just looking for an overall view of the model before paint to see all the work done.
Did you have to shave most of the detail on the sides of the original kit hull before attachment of the side armor?

Goodnight. If I remember correctly, just cancel some detail on the front. In the rest of the vehicle, it was only to take measurements of the panels, cut and paste on the original. For the rest, there is a scratch box with evergreen profiles, metal mesh and wire. Perhaps the most difficult thing was to make the entire boom of the crane.
I’m glad you like it.