M911 and passenger

Putting the finishing touches on this one. Hobby Boss M911 and RFM M551A1Sheridan circa early1990 prior to the ground offensive starting in Kuwait for Operation Desert Storm. Still need to add the red and blue air lines and some additional weathering along the road-wheels, but for all intents and purpose, she’s about done. The RFM kit is a huge improvement over the old Tamiya, but it has it’s shortcomings as well. It’s over engineered in some areas and lacking in others. No polycaps for the road-wheels which makes track assembly difficult and the attaching points for them is pretty small. I got around this by simply using white glue to tack the wheels in place, then formed the tracks around the wheels, sprockets and idler wheel. Once dry I was able to remove the tracks and then pop the wheels off for painting. There’s small parts where they aren’t needed ( on the back of the road wheel arms) These could have been molded as a single part instead of all Dragonesque. The .50 cal is beautiful, but the carrying handle on the barrel is delicate. I just cut it off from the get go.The barrel was warped as well on mine, but I was able to straighten it out with a little finger pressure. There were lots of small PE parts for the back engine deck that I replaced with suitable styrene shapes as there was not a lot of surface area for the PE parts to mate up with, but I was able to glue the styrene pieces in place without issue. This took me a few months to complete. Really enjoyed it. I have another 911 and several Sheridans too :wink: Thanks for looking “Q”
She’s just over 24" long, hence the piece of ply…makes moving it around a good bit easier. :wink:


That looks really good! I love the weathering on both vehicles!

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Looking Good! I remember seeing driving around Germany, hauling tanks!

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Thank you and sorry for the late reply “Q”

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Excellent. That’s one big ass hauler. Currently working on the RFM Sheridan. Like the stowage on yours. :+1: :+1:

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Sorry for the extremely late reply. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Still getting used to this new format on the site along with the notifications. My phone for some reason is having difficulty in making the jump, sigh…
The RFM is a nice kit with tons of detail. Not sure how far along you are with yours, but would like to hear others impression on it as well. The build sequence was really odd to me.Thanks again for the kind words. :v:

I agree the construction sequence was odd. Some really small PE which I didn’t bother with. Also thought it was odd that you had to shave off some bolts and nipples when others were clearly molded on. Didn’t see the point of that. Only issue I had was the cutout in front of the TC cupola didn’t fit very well. After getting it to fit properly I had to redo all the weld detail. Other than that I don’t recall any real issues.

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What color paint did you use for the “pink” VS-17 panel?

Initially painted white followed by international orange. Once dry, florescent pink from the small Testors bottle to get the cerise color.

I concur on the separate bolt heads. Totally uncalled for. That periscope removal in the cupola also had me pulling my hair out trying to get everything aligned properly… not to mention all the little brass hold downs… ugh