M998 Stinger Supply Carrier

Her some quick snaps of my ongoing project. M998 Stinger Supply Carrier.

That Stinger rack/frame is a real PITA to build. Working parallel on a dismounted Stinger crew.


Looking great. Do you have any drawings of the storage rack in the back? I was thinking of doing the same thing.

Hi Gino,
sorry no drawings,. I use a couple of pics from an exercise and the EurekaXXL Stinger Chest as refernece. Maybe I should make a drawing?

My images of the real truck.


The pics are great. If you could do a drawing though, it would be even better. :grin:

I try to make a drawing this WE. But now I have to celebrate my new job after my employer went bankrupt. :grin:

Sieht voll jut aus! Viel Glück mit den Schiebetüren hinten.


Don’t those doors in the back slide? It sure looks like it.

Hi Rob,
damn I never noted that there are Schiebetüren. I always wondered how those missile cases are held in place. Thanks for the observaton.

4-3 ADA is my old unit. Brings back memories. Looks like that was the ramp up for OIF II in GTA/HTA.

Images were taken in 2001 and 2002, the SETAF truck mid 90s at GTA. The trucks were providing air cover for 1st ID 1-4 CAV, led by LTC H.R. McMaster - a fine guy btw

Ask and you shall receive. I hope you can work with.


Thanks Hermann. Looks great.

Gino you owe me a cold one!:wink: I prefer German Beer! Make the most out of it.

Some progress today. Added the Schiebetüren and found some PE diamond mesh. But most will be covered by a camo net bag as on the real vehicle.


Looking really nice. Great job. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

This is a really ingesting build Hermann. Was this thing meant to resupply Avenger units with reloads?

Hi Don, not much is written about the SSC. there is a small part in Verlinden´s Warmachine No.7 that describes the vehicle “The Stinger missile carrier is used to supply the forward units with hand-fired Stinger missles”. I think it was conceived as a makeshift AD vehicle before the appearance of the Avenger.

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