Mad Max scratch build help

Hey all you car experts…I’m putting together the “bits” for a scratch build version of the 1940 Dodge Fargo truck used in Fury Road, and I need to know if any of you know of a kit in 1/24 or 1/25 scale…? Barring that, what would come reasonably close to a truck from the '40’s with big fenders that I could substitute…? Any and all ideas welcome.

unclepine from Winterpeg

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I don’t think there is a 1940 Dodge Fargo truck in 1:24/1:25. However, I plugged in ‘1940 Ford’ into the search box at scalemates and got this:[]=Kits&q=1940+ford&fkSCALENORMALISED[]=%221:00025%22&fkSCALENORMALISED[]=%221:00024%22

PERFECT…! THANKS a bunch mate, just what I needed…


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Cool man, sound like you’re planning an interesting project.

This is where I’m kinda heading

Plug in ‘Monster Trucks’ into Scalemates…*

Should be a real interesting build for sure.


Ya Joel, it WILL be interesting as this is only my second attempt at a "Alternate Universe/SteamPunk/Apocalypse type vehicle. I converted an Me109 fuselage to a 4 wheel sand buggy built from parts by stranded British North African troops…or so the story goes… :wink:


AMT’s '40 Willys Gasser might be another option for a starting point as it has a blown V8. It comes as either a pickup or a coupe but I understand some boxings include both options.



Hey Tom, THANKS for the tip, I’ll chk out HobbySense and see if Igor has one…GREAT idea considering it has the right lookin engine…!

Cheers mate,
Unc…ps…chk out HobbySense, our new(2yrs) hobby shop here in town,
HUGE selection of kits/paints/tools and ships ANYWHERE…!