Made in Ukraine

Group Build Title: Made in Ukraine

Group Build Leader(s): @phil2015

Group Build Description: We have a Made in France group build where we are building models of things that are made in France. This is different in that, the model itself is made in Ukraine, whatever the subject might be. People seemed to enjoy the Miniart Campaign and have suggested they would like to do it again and I was thinking about starting it, then saw someone list all the companies that we use that are based in Ukraine. So, how about a campaign of models from all those companies?

Some guidelines:

  1. this is not a thread to talk about current events there - see Jim’s post about current events belonging in off-topic shenanigans threads. I’m not a mod so can’t enforce this, but if folks get out of line, I WILL report it to a mod.
  2. Ryan (Tank 1812) has posted a link about 3 posts down to a list of Ukrainian companies. It needs to be on that list to be allowed.
  3. starting nowish (say April 1) running through the end of the year
  4. hopefully someone will help with an award

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I should think the badge would be self evident.



I think that should say Ukraine.

A list of Ukrainian companies can be found here.

Does the whole project need to be Ukrainian or just the base model, ie can you add pe and decals from other countries? Amodel kit, Microscale decals and Eduard pe ok?

And what about repops, I just finished a Tamiya reboxinf of a ICM kit, would that still qualify?

I’m in.

I’ve got a Roden M43 Ambulance that fits the bill.

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Hmm, tempting, unfortunately the only Miniart kit I have right now is a Russian T60 so that’s a bit conflicting.

I was eyeing the Miniart grant if I can find it anywhere though.

Hmm no grants at sprue bros but they do have a number of Miniart Lee’s


Poke some holes and blow the tracks off!


Ryan, obviously Phil’s call, but if this is meant as a show of support for Ukrainian model companies, I’d like to see it limited to Ukrainian companies, even if that means more OOB builds.

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I’m heavily considering getting an M3 Lee interior kit from sprue bros, but I am not sure I could finish an interior kit by end of year with a number of other builds in front of it

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PE and decals from other countries is fine.

Reboxing is fine if something on scalemates points to the fact that it’s originally a kit from a Ukrainian company.


Get a Grant from ScaleHobbyist. I order all the time from them. :sunglasses:


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Have several kits from Ukrainian companies, like Ace, Roden and UM, all are 1/72 scale of WWII period. Are these acceptable?

I have Miniart T 55

A tentative yes. I’m not all that familiar with what companies are actually Ukrainian (hence wanting someone who can help sort that out), but if they are, then the kits are acceptable.

Phil, Ryan posted a good list up at the top of the thread

Maybe copy and paste that into the campaign description?

I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff so I could probably join in with the build.
Roden aircraft, ICM figures and vehicles, some Miniart stuff. Think there might be a few Masterbox figure sets as well.
A great idea for a build.

I think the link would be good enough as I keep adding as people let me know. My two pennies worth.

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Tentative at the moment as I have already committed to several campaigns but do have ICM (aircraft), Miniart, Roden, Modelsvit, Avis, Big Planes Kits, Armoury, Foxbat decals, Printscale and ResKit in the stash.
This could be a ICM kit with Foxbat decals and ResKit AM…Hmmm

I think this is fine. I updated the description to look at the post with the link in it.

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There goes my chances of ever being permitted to visit Russia…


I’m in on this one with the MikroMir U.S.S. Monitor.

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@petbat are we doing a Ukraine campaign or are you just creating a medal for fun?