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A review of Magic Factory MZRZ D4, a kit that comes with two of these vehicles plus one trailer.

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Looks really nice… I’d need a new set of hands to build it… . But yeah I like it

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Very nice! I like the busy look with all the firepower attached… I would opt to change the weapons with Live Resin offerings though.

Which color did you use to paint the vehicle? Looks a bit pale to my eye.



Thanks Mario, Robert.
Yes, the color is indeed a bit light, and photos were quite dark so I have to lighten it even more… Guess I got my references wrong in any case :frowning:


Looks good to me

This kit was extremely diffecult to build. Part fits were terrible, location of parts were undistinguisable. For an old guy that loves odd kits , this caused so many troubles that it is on the side burner on low heat. Good luck to those that like modern kits.

Sorry to hear you have that view, in my case although the kit is not an easy one, I found it completely buildable. A few parts were slightly loose so you had to adjust them before glue dries to ensure fit of subsequent parts, and suspension arms were quite tricky, but other than that I do not remember any special problem. In fact, I did not even need filler except for a joint between hood and sides (and it may have been my fault).

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